Advocating bigotry

I have no idea why but every few days I get an email from Public Advocate of the United States, from the erm. desk of Eugene Delgaudio. I don’t know why, up until I got the first mail, I’d never heard of them.

They’re a lunatic group advocating, well I assumed America so in the end I wasn’t all too surprised that they’re all about gay stuff. And they have a survey… it says it’s “specially coded and registered for you.” so if you can’t link I’ll show the questions below, but that’s probably bullshit.

“EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Radical homosexuals claim YOU support homosexual “marriage,” special job rights and promotion of homosexuality in schools.  Please fill out the survey below and let your voice be heard.

Contacting and organizing pro-family conservatives costs a great deal of money. After filling out the American Morality Survey below, please consider chipping in with a donation to Public Advocate of the United States to keep this program running. “

As a rule of thumb, don’t I trust people who use the word radical at the start of sentences and generally, before a noun. ere are the questions:

1. Should businesses, schools, churches and daycares be required by law to hire and advance homosexuals or face prosecution and multimillion-dollar lawsuits?

2. Do you support the forced introduction of radical homosexual  practices into the U.S. Military with the Repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell?

 3. Should decisions about morality and sexuality be takenaway from parents, in order for radical teachers and counselors to promote the homosexual lifestyle in schools?

4. Do you support President Obama’s plan to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act and institute homosexual “marriage” laws for the entire country? 

5. Should the U.S. Supreme Court have the right to overturn traditional ‘one man and one woman’ marriage laws passed by individual states?

Each has a yes, no and unsure tick box. I filled it out anyway, hopefully you can too.

Also their emails are written in Courier New, a most unpleasing font to read. So all in all complete assholes.