BACKLOG! Where I’m at…

Okay, so I was meant to keep a record of my life on my travels. Oh, oh I went traveling.

So now I’m gona fill in the gap of the last few months.

I flew out to Thailand and move to Koh Phi Phi Don, the larger of a group of islands of Phuket.


I went to learn me some scuba diving, with great success.

I seen so many beautiful things while diving, black tip reef sharks, leopard sharks, turtles. Amazing.

I should note the destruction to the reefs themselves was horrific and to honest I didn’t truly enjoy diving until my fifth or sixth day out. This was when I seen a completely undamaged reef, no bleached or broken coral and no torn sponges. I got the tingles that day.

It’s an amazing place, so unsurprisingly The Beach, the film was shot at Maya Bay 15 minutes from Phi Phi Don, by boat. I had the pleasure of eating lunch in the bay nearly everyday for three weeks! Delightful.

The island itself is very small. All of the hotels, bars and anything you want or need can all be found in a small area, that takes about an hour to walk around.

I lives in a hut, at number 9 Valentine.


It’s a room with a toilet and shower. What more could you need?
Next, Phuket…


A video for when you’re feeling down.

This is truly one of the greatest speeches I have ever heard. I listen to it every now and again to keep my self sane and balanced. It is beautiful, emotive and true.

It’s funny, it’s spoken by  Charlie Chaplin in the movie The Great Dictator. Somehow makes it sweeter. You never think of a guy even speaking and then, this:

If everyone watched this video tomorrow morning, the world would be a different place.


Okay, so I hope everyone did a lot better with their new years resolutions than I. I’m shocked at how well I did nothing, and for so long too.

The long and short of it is, my project completely changed and thought I am still working with Lagarosiphon, the rogue has become a test subject along with the highly invasive zebra mussel Dreissena polymorpha. My project has taken on a greater direction towards ecological theory, spicificaly facilitated succession.

All of which I will explain in great detail among all the tab and buttons, bells and whistles about this soon to be flourishing blog.

It all worked out great for me, as Invasive Ecology is where my interests lie.

Back soon.