Fishery petitions you might like to sign

I often drop by Avaaz to see what I can sign and seen these two you might care to sign:

Ireland: 24 hours to save Europe’s seas

End ocean clear-cuts

Go forth and sign!






Gaddafi, dead?

Reports and images of a dead Gaddafi have been emerging, stating the dictator was killed in his home town of Sirte, in Libya.

Rebels claim to have killed him following a siege and have released this photo:

It does look like Gaddafi, they guy was a mega dick but the image is still harrowing, I think.

A soldier told the BBC Gadaffi pleaded “Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!” when found in a hole. After his capture, a soldier is reported to have waved the dictators gold pistol around.

I’d like to note, this is all unconfirmed.

Let the conspiracy theorists begin…

Welcome to the Majority – movie

My cousin, Avril Jo Brady is in a movie called Welcome to the Majority and is set to be released in the coming months.

Check out the trailer:

Looks good to me, so keep an eye out and if you like the look of it, swing by the Facebook page and give it a Like there too!

Incredibly intact theropod fossil

The Bavarian paleontological and geological collections (BSPG) unveiled a fossil specimen, 98 percent complete and stated by Oliver Rauhut (BSPG conservator) to be the best preserved fossil ever found.

The theropod fossil measuring 72cm was most likely a juvenile but has not been assigned to any species or genus yet.

The dino is a theropod, the clade of modern birds today as well as bigger beasts like, most famously, T. rex. The 135 million year old specimen hasn’t been classified yet, the specimen is said to be roughly the size of a newly hatched T. rex but is believed to not be more than one year old when it died in where is now modern Bavaria, Germany.

Theropod fossils are generally only found in bits and pieces, a leg bone here, tooth there so to get such a complete specimen really is going down a treat with the dinosaur people. Good for them.

Go have a gawk for yourself if you’re about Munich town, from the 27th October for four days.

In Catalonia the fiesta is ending, with the ban of bullfighting

The last of six bulls was killed this month in Barcelona, capital of the Catalonia region of Spain. The last show was performed in front a sold out audience of 20,000 in the Monumental ring, opened by Matador Jose Tomas and finishing with Serafin Marin  the ring was swarmed by spectators to take sand as a souvenir.

The fights last around 20 minutes before the final sword is aimed between the shoulders of the bull. There are 6 bulls per night. The Monumental ring held 15 fight annually.

The Catalan government banned the fights in July ’10 with does not take affect until January 1st 2012 thought the season for the fights has now closed, which effectively ends the sport.

Anyway, anti-bullfighting activists celebrated outside the Monumental ring before the final fight with sparkling wine. In Spain? Sparking?

Bullfighting supporters are already planning on challenging the law. Many stating the ban was only sought to divide the Catalonia from the wider Spanish culture.

Of the 17 regions in Spain, Catalonia is only the second to ban the fights, the first being The Canary Islands in the early 90s, though it was never popular there.

The Spanish have a weird obsession with torturing bulls. With the running of the bulls in Pamplona and the very strange Correbous, where in a town centre or ring, flaming fireworks are attached to the bull’s horns – the bull is then arbitrarily teased by the crowd. Great, erm, fun

All in all I’m pleased with the ban. It’s only a shame the whole of Spain hasn’t implemented the move so we can say adios to scenes like this:


Dying bull


Shark infested golf course, you say

At Carbrook Golf Club in Brisbane Australia, the water hazard is a pun for the taking.

A few years ago the local river burst it’s banks and several bull sharks got washed into the lake and were stranded when the water receded.

The lake is said to be well stocked, though the course manager Scott Wagstaff does feed them from time to time.

The Shark are in good condition between, around 3m in length and have been reportedly breeding. Exciting stuff.

Seems like the perfect opportunity to record some semi natural preggers bullshark animal behaviour, to me.

Yahoo have a better video here.