About me


I’m an Applied Freshwater & Marine Biology having studied at Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology. I started higher education years ago in Cavan Institute studying Multimedia & Webdesign, which I did enjoy very much but decided I was suited to a life in the fast lane and took Marketing, Advertising & PR at Dublin Business School.

I was not. Though I’m glad I did the course, after I got my diploma, I flew to Salou to work in a Bar.

I moved to the UK soon after, living in Edinburgh and London. I moved to Dublin later for the prospect of a solid job, which I got and was promoted the executive something or other level the day before I discovered I would have to move to Galway to start my delightful, stressful, eye-opening, heart-breaking,  intriguing, demanding AMAZING course, Applied Freshwater and Marine Biology.

I love doing labs! If we didn’t have them I don’t know if I would have lasted the four years. We studied so many interesting things; zoology, botany, animal behaviour, statistics,  aquaculture, microbiology to name a few.

I’m now traveling and having a wicked good time, but secretly wanting to get and start some postgrad work. I’ll be starting my masters in Glasgow University in September 14 in Infection Biology with Parasitology.


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