Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Brunei will for the first time send women to the Olympic Games.

This means for the first time in the history of the games, female athletes will represent every country.

The International Olympic Committee and human-rights groups have been pressuring the countries to enter women to the games. And it worked.

It’s great news for the Athletes and I was delighted to read it this morning in I was however shocked and disappointed to see the volume of sexist comments following the article.

It’s quite disappointing, generally the readership is very progressive and liberal in their views, which I stated in the comments and was replied with:

“…I’d say most fellas are just having a bit of a laugh….I wouldn’t get too hung up on it!…”   – Eimear Smith

Thanks Eimear, I never thought of it like that! Sure, if it’s just for a bit of a laugh…


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