Judge, Jury and Instant Execution, Swift “Justice” of the Taliban

So you might of heard of the Afghan woman who was, in front of a crowd of approximately 150 cheering men, found guilty of adultery and sentenced to death in under an hour. A judge, jury and immediate execution situation, as her husband Juma Khan then shot her several times.

A video of the murder was later sent to the government, and amazingly the government “strongly condemns this un-Islamic and inhuman action” and ordered police to seek out the culprits.”

I won’t link to the video, though it is not difficult to find and auto plays on many news sites. The first few seconds were distressing enough. But if you must, find it else where.

Executive director Mohammad Musa Mahmodi of The Afghanistan Human Rights Commission also stated: “We condemn any killings done without proper trial. It is un-Islamic and against any human rights values.”

Well, erm, I guess I won’t get too worked up about the progression of human rights in Afghanistan, just yet.

The main point at this stage is the perpetrators are actively being perused by the government, if it is a sincere search that’s at least some, however weak justice for Najiba, who was 22.


What do you think?

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