Good news for stags

Our last government here in Ireland was a coalition  between Fina Fáil and the Green Party. The Greens were actually an okay party and they brought Ireland up to date, somewhat, on our environmental legal requirement sent down by papa bear, the EU.

The Greens also implemented a ban on stag hunting, which rallied up all the angry hunters and Rural Ireland Says Enough or RISE was born.

RISE is for those who do not understand simple governance and believe they should be allowed do whatever they want because they live in the country side and people from Dublin and the EU can’t tell them what to do! Rabble Rabble Rabble!

That colitation government failed some time ago and the current governments (Fina Gael) leader Enda Kenny has recently come out to say there will be no re-establishment of deer hunting licences. Regardless of the promise of one idiot councillor. Hurray!

On the RISE blog is a picture of sign waivers, many of them young women or teenage girls – not the primary hunting demographic, may I suggest forced cohesion from the  parents, anyone? Lets take a look:

RISE banner

RISE banner

Sings like:

PLEASE DON’T BAN COUNTRY LIFE – Stupid – I personally guarantee this woman country folk will NOT be killed with the introduction of this hunting ban. Country life many continue as before, minus needless cruelty. She’s probably referring to the culture country folk enjoy and I can assure you, very few country people go hunting and fewer women still.

BAN HUNTING DENY OUR HERITAGE – Heritage? HERITAGE? This woman feels she is entitled to run around, chasing animals and hunting them with the intention of killing them because it a noble and honourable right, descended from her ancient Irish forefathers. She is all wrong, but pull out the heritage card just because she’s from the country and I have to say, that lacks style, ma’am. I’ll come back to this heritage/entitlement idea later.

PLEASE DON’T BAN MY HOBBY Erm, fuck you! Get a new hobby, try chess or read a book. You don’t have to kill something.

Now this isn’t because all hunting was banned in Ireland it’s all because the Ward Stag Hunt in Co Meath was not renewed their hunting licence back in 07 and as they were the only stag hunting group in the country the sport was banned de facto. This has caused every hunting group in the country to kick up a shit storm, as to ensure they can continue their hunt, whatever it is (fox, hare).

The Ward Stag Hunt had bad press at the time as their stag was hunted into a primary school playground at Kildalkey, Co Meath by the hunting dogs, causing a lot of stress to the children, parents and a particular stag.

Now I want to mention this heritage line that keeps rearing it’s ugly head. Heritage is not necessarily something to proud of because it depends upon what you have inherited. I’m Irish and have inherited a pride in my ancient ancestors and their ability to create a huge stunning mound:

Knowth one of 3 mounds in the Boyne Valley and ironically in Co. Meath.

or a ring fort on a cliff:

Dun Aengus on a 100m cliff facing Canada, Co. Galway. It's amazing too.

or whatever other weird thing the Irish were making back then.

These are beautiful structures, they had a purpose, be it spiritual or domestic and they have lasted the test of time, thousands of years!

The sites in the Boyne Valley in meath (where Knowth is) were built before the great Pyramid of Giza! So special are the sites here, they are not seen as just the inheritance of the Irish or Europeans, but all of humanity! (UNESCO).

This is what heritage is and what heritage we should be defending, the ancient, the amazing, perplexing, beautiful and useful. But not this relatively modern nonsensical hunting and killing of defenceless animals for no purpose other than sport. And no, it’s not a real sport.

This form of hunting does not fit under the umbrella of heritage; it is not ancient nor is it honourable, it is not masculine or necessary, once humans hunted animals themselves, to survive, but what does today’s huntsman gain from the experience?


What do you think?

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