Incredibly intact theropod fossil

The Bavarian paleontological and geological collections (BSPG) unveiled a fossil specimen, 98 percent complete and stated by Oliver Rauhut (BSPG conservator) to be the best preserved fossil ever found.

The theropod fossil measuring 72cm was most likely a juvenile but has not been assigned to any species or genus yet.

The dino is a theropod, the clade of modern birds today as well as bigger beasts like, most famously, T. rex. The 135 million year old specimen hasn’t been classified yet, the specimen is said to be roughly the size of a newly hatched T. rex but is believed to not be more than one year old when it died in where is now modern Bavaria, Germany.

Theropod fossils are generally only found in bits and pieces, a leg bone here, tooth there so to get such a complete specimen really is going down a treat with the dinosaur people. Good for them.

Go have a gawk for yourself if you’re about Munich town, from the 27th October for four days.


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