Scottish fishermen making headway in Nephrops bycatch reduction

Here is a bit on Sottish fishermen, about to test a new net which may slash bycatch in Nephrops (Dublin Bay Prawns) catch by 70%

I wish them well, any potential mechanism trying to reduce bycatch should be welcomed with open arms, as I’ve discussed before!

Another positive is that the net was designed with by the fishermen themselves, which is fantastic! There is great contention between fishermen and fishery scientists. Fishermen insist scientists have to go out on the fishing boats to see what’s how much fish there is, while scientists (who do spend time trawling!) insist fishermen are, with bias judging there to be much greater stocks than there are.

There is a little fault on both side of course but I’m not getting into that here as I’m meant to be studying for exams.


What do you think?

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